In my work, I explore the tension of edge.  This is the place where two states meet, it is where change occurs. That tension is full of aesthetic conversation and tactile interest. 

Material is very important to my work. Through ongoing physical conversations with it, I seek an openness to the extreme possibilities a particular medium offers, and this plays a large role in how I allow work to unfold.  Intuitively following its lead and enticing even humble materials to a context that is rich and evocative is the most satisfying of collaborations. 

I find visual inspiration in the organic and imperfect patterns that occur in nature. Similarly, the jaunty cadence seen in antique manuscripts functions in an imperfect system of symmetry that thrills me. I reference the flawed regularity of these systems when constructing compounded edges that build to confront and complement one another.  The result begs tactile interaction, engages curiosity, and ultimately hosts a lively contemplation of form and space.